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August 14, 2022

Partnership Announcement: Space Metaverse, the leading virtual retail platform


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, August 16, 2022 -- Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. (CSE: ALPA) (FSE: 9HN0), (OTC PINK: APETF) (“Alpha” or the “Company”) a technology company that focuses on emerging markets in esports, mobile gaming, ecommerce, blockchain, and high growth opportunities, is excited to announce that Alpha has entered into a partnership with SPACE Metaverse (“SPACE”) to assist SPACE in developing virtual retail experiences in the metaverse.  

SPACE, founded in 2021, is a leader in the metaverse commerce world and aims to provide a powerful platform that allow users to design and create their own custom virtual rooms in addition buying and selling their products and services. SPACE’s goal is to create a metaverse that provides consumers with a seamless and straightforward virtual experience for shopping, events, gamification, and other fun social activities without physical borders. 

Alpha, via its studio Shape Immersive (“Shape”), will be a preferred vendor of SPACE and will create leading retail stores and experiences on the SPACE platform for leading brands who are entering the metaverse. Since being founded in 2018, Shape has been extremely successful in building the metaverse and accumulated an impressive portfolio comprising of leading brands, including RedBull, Coca Cola and RTFKT (acquired by Nike). 

Over the past two years, the metaverse has continued to gain mass adoption. It is speculated that the metaverse will infiltrate every sector in the coming years, culminating in a market worth  billions in revenues. Companies have realized that the metaverse will perhaps be one of the biggest opportunities since the rise of the internet. 

Space Metaverse investors include the who’s who of web3 technologies including CoinFund, DapperLabs, and AnimocaBrands. CoinFund boasts a portfolio of over 60 investments. Digital Dapper Labs is the creator of NBA Top Shot, as well as a number of other blockchain-based games. Animoca Brands is the leading VC blockchain game portfolio.

Given more and more consumers are entering the metaverse, SPACE is focused on providing tools for users to design virtual goods for purchase, and to provide a platform that allow users to monetize their virtual assets and creations. 

With respect to this strategic partnership, SPACE’s CEO Batis Samadian states, “the founding team at Shape has been important in teaching companies and leaders about power of the metaverse and we are proud to have them as a partner pushing Space Metaverse forward to Fortune 500 companies and category leading brands.” 

Together, Alpha, via Shape will work alongside SPACE to create and extend the value of SPACE to support it in becoming the leading ecommerce tool in the metaverse. 

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Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. (CSE: ALPA) (OTC: APETF) (FRA: 9HN0) is a publicly traded company, holding a portfolio of assets in gaming, Metaverse technology and studio services that focuses on emerging industries such as eSports, mobile gaming, eCommerce, and other high growth opportunities. Operational units include: Shape, a full service metaverse studio building the future of web3 gaming and virtual retail experiences for Fortune 500 companies and beyond through 3D, NFT, XR and game production; MANA, a custom-built SaaS solution and innovation lab that empowers partner companies to level up their community engagement by launching their own gaming platforms; GamerzArena, a gaming platform that provides an esports ecosystem for all gamers. The platform provides video game contests for top titles where gamers can compete for cash and prizes. Alpha clients and partners include RTFKT, Olympics, Star Altas, Red Bull, Intel, TED and more. Learn more at:

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Partnership Announcement: Space Metaverse, the leading virtual retail platform

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